UNA Campus Map

Thumbnail of UNA Campus Map

Thumbnail of UNA Campus Map

This is not the official UNA Campus Map. Here is a link to the official UNA Campus map. This is a portfolio map that is more than five (5) years out of date, and should not be mistaken for the official map.

UNA Campus Map (scanned)

Description: The University of North Alabama (UNA) Campus Map was a class project for Dr. William Strong’s Cartography class (GE 325).

This is one of my first maps that I did as a student.  It has some flaws, but it shows good work at an early stage.

The map shows an overhead depiction of UNA’s campus.  Realistic symbols are used to represent crosswalks, roads, and paths. Different colors represent different building functions.  For example, the orange-red color indicates residence halls and green represents sports buildings and sites. The campus data was provided to the class without any symbology (symbols, colors, line weights, etc.).  The provided data was a couple of years out of date. The assignment was to make a map and update the map to the current campus.

Paper Size: 8.5 inches by 11 inches (Letter size)

Software Used: ArcGIS Desktop 8

Data: The original data was provided by the University of North Alabama Geography Department.

Map Date: February 25, 2004.

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